Welcome to the Boyle County Educational Endowment Fund

Supporting Schools. Empowering TeachersInspiring Kids.

It’s done one step at a time. In the seven years since its inception, the Boyle County Education Endowment Fund has made over $300,000 in investments that enhance opportunities for kids in the Boyle County Schools to learn and experience new things.

Many of our programs target assisting students who are marginalized. To date, over $20,000 in instruments has been provided for students to experience music who would not otherwise have had the chance. Providing matching funds for the greenhouse has allowed students of all backgrounds to come participate in the local food movement, whether they prefer to find their place in marketing and package design or biology and soil amendments. And, students continue to be able to participate in programs like archery due to support from the foundation.

The BCEEF is an independent foundation. Donations to the foundation support a myriad of programs and service, but the one thing every donation has in common is that it helps us grow and sustain new programs that invest in the kids who will be our future leaders.